Monday Myth

If my ex doesn’t pay child support, I can prevent them from seeing our child By: Megan Rachel Although it may seem like child support and visitation are linked together as one issue, they are in fact separate.  If there is an Order in place for visitation and child support, the Order must be followed.  If a party does not pay the court o...

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Tips for Co-Parenting in a COVID-19 World

Tips for Co-Parenting in a COVID-19 World | Albin Oldner Law | iStock-1226385634

Sharing parental responsibilities can be difficult under the best of circumstances. The spread of COVID-19 makes co-parenting even tougher for some, adding stress to the lives of parents and children alike. It’s now more difficult to strictly abide by the terms of visitation agreements, particularly agreements that were ordered before the outbrea...

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