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Who Can Benefit From Divorce Mediation?

When you hear the word “divorce,” you likely picture a courtroom battle. You may even feel a sense of stress and anxiety take over. The truth is every divorce doesn’t require traditional courtroom litigation. Indeed, many divorces never see the inside of a courtroom thanks to divorce mediation.

Understanding Divorce Mediation

Mediation is an alternative to taking a case to court. During mediation, you and your spouse will discuss your disputes with the assistance of a trained third party known as a mediator.

In Texas, it’s common for courts to encourage or order mediation before setting a date for court. And even if you’ve begun divorce litigation, you can still attempt mediation.

There are many benefits to using mediation. For instance, mediation typically costs less than litigation. Plus, the process usually only takes one session, saving you precious time. Couples who go through mediation are in the driver’s seat—not the judge. This means you have the choice to refuse certain terms, ask questions and more.

The Mediation Process

During mediation, the mediator will help you and your spouse talk through the elements of your divorce such as property division, child custody and more. The mediator will not make decisions for you, however. 

As divorce mediators, we ensure confidentiality and privacy throughout the process. And everything takes place in our law office—no courtroom required. 

Does Mediation Work in High-Asset Divorces?

It’s often said that marriages with a large estate should avoid mediation. We disagree. The size of your marital estate doesn’t matter in mediation. We do recommend you reach out to an experienced mediation attorney who can support you.

Who Benefits From Divorce Mediation?

Not all divorces will be a perfect fit for mediation. For effective settlement in this setting, you and your spouse should be on amicable terms. You must be willing to work with each other to reach a compromise outside of court. If you can’t work together, the mediation process may fail and you may still wind up in court.

Considering a Divorce? Reach Out to a Divorce Attorney Today

If you’re considering a divorce, it’s important to understand all of your options. Mediation has been proven effective and can help you understand if it’s a viable option for you. An experienced divorce attorney can help. To learn more about divorce mediation, give us a call at (214) 225-4325 or send us a message.