Will Coronavirus Lead to a Spike in Divorce Rates?

Divorce Rate

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, many have theorized that stay-at-home orders and working from home would eventually cause many couples to get divorced. Some have even likened quarantine to a relationship pressure cooker or a time machine, where couples experience years’ worth of conflict in the span of just a few months.  In...

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Tips for Co-Parenting in a COVID-19 World

Tips for Co-Parenting in a COVID-19 World | Albin Oldner Law | iStock-1226385634

Sharing parental responsibilities can be difficult under the best of circumstances. The spread of COVID-19 makes co-parenting even tougher for some, adding stress to the lives of parents and children alike. It’s now more difficult to strictly abide by the terms of visitation agreements, particularly agreements that were ordered before the outbrea...

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Emergency Standing Order From Collin County District Courts Regarding Possession Schedule During School Closures

Standing Order Regarding Child Possession Schedule The Collin County District Courts have issued an Emergency Standing Order Regarding Possession Schedules as applied to Child Custody and Visitation schedules during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have republished the text below and the PDF version for your review. COLLIN COUNTY DISTRICT COURT...

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Family Violence in the Time of Quarantine

Attorney Monica Peters

COVID-19 > Social Distancing > Family Violence Social distancing has become the new normal here in North Texas and across most of the United States as we work together to stop or slow down COVID-19. This necessary evil has given rise to an increase in another scourge, family violence.  Police in North Texas report an increase in dome...

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Divorce and Planning Beyond the Present

Divorce can bring about many concerns that were not previously top of mind, including retirement planning.  For example, when faced with divorce, a partner who has stayed at home to raise a child might be concerned that their future Social Security payments will be significantly lower than their spouse's. Before agreeing to a proposed divisio...

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