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Frisco Employment Lawyers: Risk Management and Defense Against Charges of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

It’s every HR department’s nightmare:

  • An employee comes forward with a claim that a manager or another employee has sexually harassed them and your company did not protect them.
  • An employee creates a furor on social media claiming that your company has created a hostile workplace.
  • A former high-level employee hires a lawyer to take you to court for discriminating against her when it came to promotions and job opportunities.

Public charges of discrimination or harassment can be embarrassing for a business and if it hits social media, it can cause damage to your bottom line. If you’re in the hot seat, call our Frisco employment lawyer at (214) 225-9138.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

The first course of action is always prevention. At Albin Oldner Law, PLLC, our employment lawyers will work with you to craft an Employee Handbook that sets the groundwork for a respectful workplace. Your Employee Handbook should include:

  • A code of conduct
  • An anti-discrimination policy and an anti-harassment policy
  • Definitions of discriminatory and harassing behaviors that are unacceptable under the law and at your workplace
  • Grievance procedures for reporting harassment or discriminatory behavior, including a chain of command for reporting and the option to report at a higher level if management is engaged in the unlawful behavior
  • An explanation of disciplinary measures that will be taken if an employee or manager violates the code of your business, including termination
  • Policies prohibiting retaliation against an employee for asserting a claim of unlawful discrimination or harassment.

Specific training may also be needed to ensure employees and managers understand what is harassing and discriminatory behavior. We can advise on training programs.

Legal Defense Against Discrimination Claims and Harassment Lawsuits

Our Plano harassment litigation attorney is highly experienced, with a reputation for defending our client’s interests aggressively, both in and out of court. Litigation always poses a risk: costs can add up, it can take significant time, and there is a lack of control over the outcomes. Whenever possible, our lawyers try to negotiate favorable solutions that achieve our clients’ goals while saving time and money. We have extensive experience with both mediation and arbitration.

Protect Your Company from Harassment Charges

If your company is facing discrimination charges or a harassment lawsuit, call Albin Oldner Law, PLLC at (214) 225-9138 or contact us online. We represent clients in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Addison, and Allen, TX.