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McKinney Employment Attorney: Protect Your North Texas Business with a Non-Compete Agreement

Companies have many valid reasons for including a non-compete clause in an employment contracts, including:

  • Preserving confidential information so that a business competitor won’t benefit from it when an employee changes jobs
  • Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Guarding customer and vendor lists
  • Protecting their investment in expensive employee training

If your company is considering adding a non-compete clause to an employment contract, or you know that a former employee has violated their non-compete clause to the detriment of your business, contact a McKinney employment lawyer at Albin Oldner Law, PLLC.

We work to protect employers from harm to their company as a result of unlawful use of company information.

Enforceability in Texas of Covenants Not to Compete

Section 15.50(a) of the Texas Business & Commerce Code governs covenants not to compete. Under Texas law, a non-compete clause is only enforceable if it is included in an otherwise enforceable agreement, if the employee received some benefit in return for signing it, and if the non-competition restrictions is reasonable in regards to its restrictiveness for:

  • Time
  • Geographical area
  • Scope of activity

There are additional requirements to enforce a non-compete agreement against a physician.

Unfortunately, if a non-compete clause is poorly drafted, a judge could find that the agreement is unenforceable.

Get a legal review from a Frisco business lawyer who really understands employment law before you ask your employees to sign an employment contract with a non-compete clause. We can draft an agreement that is reasonable in scope and effectively protects your business interests.

Legal Representation for Violation of a Non-Compete Agreement

If your employee leaves the company and violates your non-compete agreement, our lawyers take immediate action to mitigate damage to your company. Albin Oldner Law, PLLC has an extensive business litigation practice with several highly skilled and experienced trial court attorneys on staff.

Learn More About Non-Compete Agreements

Let our Plano employment law attorney help you draft and enforce a non-compete agreement to protect your company. Call (214) 225-9138 or contact us online.