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Frisco Child Support Attorneys

Helping Parents Get A Fair Shake with Texas Child Support Orders

Every parent going through a break-up or a divorce is concerned about child support.

  • How much will I pay? Will it be too much?
  • How much will I get? Will it be enough?

The Frisco child support lawyers at Albin Oldner Law, PLLC help divorcing and never-married parents get child support for the first time, modify an existing child support order, or enforce a child support order. Whatever your need or legal problem in the area of child support, we can help.

How Much Will I Pay/Receive?

Texas statute provides a guideline for monthly financial support based on the number of children to be supported and the non-custodial parent’s net monthly income (currently capped at $7,500 a month). When there are more than four children, the court looks at the best interest of all parties and the overall financial situation.

The statutory guidelines are as follows:

Number of Children Guideline Amount
One 20 percent of net monthly resources
Two 25 percent of net monthly resources
Three 30 percent of net monthly resources
Four 35 percent of net monthly resources
Five 40 percent of net monthly resources
Six or More Not less than 40 percent of net monthly resources

The Judge Can Deviate from the Texas Child Support Guidelines

Texas Family Court judges can deviate from the state guidelines based upon the facts and circumstances of the particular case. For instance, if the child custody agreement specifies equal or nearly equal parenting time, the judge may order reduced support or even no monthly child support.

“Albin Oldner Law, PLLC has done an excellent job in guiding us through the legal aspects of our case their compassion and child advocacy sets them apart from other attorneys who might have represented us.” — Jack and Beverly Smart, Family Law Client

Other factors that a judge may take into account when making the decision to order more or less child support include:

  • The ages of the children
  • The unique needs of the children, such as child care, medical care, educational assistance or college
  • Existing child support obligations for children from previous marriages.

Getting Adequate Support by Proving Income

Many of the families we work with in the McKinney, Plano, Allen, Prosper, Celina, Denton and Frisco area are business owners, investors, executives, even celebrities. These households have significant and often complex finances where a parent’s income may be enmeshed with the income of a business, or they may have multiple streams of income.

All income should be considered when establishing an appropriate level of child support. If a business is regularly paying for a personal living expense – like a cell phone or an apartment – that is also income. Our firm handled a case in which our client believed she was owed additional support. The father of the children claimed he earned $2,000 a month but a review of his business finances showed that his business was paying more than $100,000 of his expenses every year. She was able to secure additional support.

Enforcing a Support Order

Are you having difficulty getting the support you are owed? Has your job situation or income changed so that you can no longer pay the amount the court ordered? Our Plano support modification lawyers help parents with enforcement of child support orders or modification of a child support order.

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