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Collin County Divorce Attorneys Serving all of Collin County, including Frisco, Plano, McKinney and Allen, as well as Dallas County, Denton County and all of North Texas

The first steps out of a bad marriage are scary. Every decision seems overwhelming, and every path seems perilous. The decision to move forward can paralyze you for months, sometimes years. You may not even be certain that you want a divorce, after all, sometimes familiarity can feel safer than the unknown. Our Collin County divorce attorneys and family law team understand this is a traumatic time for you. We are here to help guide you through every step of the process and help plan for a bright future.

We Can Guide You Through One of Life’s Most Difficult Choices

At Albin Oldner Law, PLLC, we understand the stress, confusion and complications for you and your family. We are here to answer any legal questions you may have about the divorce process or any other family law matter.

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If you have decided to take that first step, put your trust in our committed and talented family law team to stand with you throughout the divorce process and protect what matters most.

How We Help Our Clients Reach Resolution During the Divorce Process

Our Frisco divorce attorneys want our clients to achieve their goals throughout the divorce process in the least stressful, most cost-efficient manner possible. Every situation is unique, and we often recommend:

  • Negotiation. Your attorney will engage in direct negotiations on your behalf with your spouse’s attorney to attempt to reach a complete resolution and achieve the goals you desire.
  • Collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, both spouses retain separate lawyers whose only job is to help the parties settle their disputes. Both spouses work together in good faith to reach an agreement without the use of a mediator, judge, jury or courtroom.
  • Divorce mediation. Your attorney represents you in negotiations using a third-party neutral that is specifically trained in family law conflict resolution. This process resolves many divorce and custody cases. Mediation provides more privacy than the public courtroom, and there is no public record of the discussions during mediation. Our family law attorneys have resolved over 3,000 divorce and family law cases through mediation. Additionally, our firm has experienced and professional third-party neutral mediators who can assist non-clients in resolving their divorce or family law case. Our average settlement success rate is 97.4 percent. Mediation can save you thousands in attorney’s fees and resolve your case faster than going to trial.
  • Trial. When trial is the best or only option to get the results you need, we will aggressively fight for you. Our team of experienced divorce and family law litigators have the talent and the grit to make sure you are heard. The courtroom is often not the best option in a family law matter. However, when required, you deserve a team that knows how to navigate it.

Why You Should Have an Experienced Divorce Attorney on Your Side

During the divorce process, you must resolve many critical, far-reaching personal, financial and legal issues. At Albin Oldner Law, PLLC, we help our clients navigate through these issues, like:

Child Custody

We know that you want what is best for your child – and we do too. Our child custody lawyers focus on helping parents find a peaceful, private, and dignified way to resolve their custody and parenting time differences. If necessary, we are also prepared to fight for what is best for you and your child in the courtroom.

Marital Property Division

Marital property division has a long term impact on your future and, often, the future of your children. You want to protect what is yours and plan for your future. Texas is a community property state. This means that assets and debts acquired during the marriage (with a few exceptions) are considered community property. Examples of marital assets may include:

  • Real property (i.e. house)
  • Checking and saving accounts
  • Personal property
  • Retirement assets
  • Income during the marriage
  • Stock and brokerage accounts
  • Stock options, bonuses and benefits earned during the marriage
  • Closely held corporations, partnership interests and LLCs

Our divorce lawyers have the depth and breadth of experience to help our clients to not only  accurately value their marital property, but to advise our clients on what property division can be most financially beneficial and how to protect their assets once divided.

Spousal Maintenance

Let’s be honest, in Texas, it can be difficult to get a judge to order spousal maintenance because the deck is stacked against it. If you are concerned about alimony and believe it should be part of your divorce settlement agreement, know that our attorneys not only know the way to maneuver through the spousal maintenance maze, but also have the experience to know the tendencies of the courts. Spousal support can be a critical piece of the puzzle for a spouse that has been out of the job market and will likely face challenges when attempting to re-enter the workforce later in life.

We Provide Legal Services for Complex and High-Asset Divorces

Our Frisco-based divorce lawyers regularly handle complex and high-asset divorce cases for a wide-range of clients.

High Asset Divorce

Our firm represents high-income clients, including small and large business owners, executives, celebrities and professional athletes who want to ensure their divorce is handled discreetly, professionally and competently. Divorce mediation may be an attractive option for clients who seek privacy, as it is not a matter of public record.

In high asset divorces, we understand that it is imperative to have an accurate valuation of assets. Our firm works with tax and financial experts to ensure that we accomplish your property division with precision.

Business Divorce

Many of our clients are business owners in Collin County, Denton County and surrounding areas. Business owners have their own unique needs and challenges during the divorce process. They not only want to protect and provide for themselves and their children, but they also want to protect their business.

We bring the experience and the financial and business experts to the table in business divorce cases to ensure our clients get the best outcome possible. And, unlike most other family law firms, we have a team of business attorneys in-house to provide their assessment and advice.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Collin County Divorce Attorneys

Schedule a time to meet with one of our family law attorneys about your unique situation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and explain your legal rights and options. We serve all of North Texas. This includes clients in Collin County and Denton County, including in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Denton and Prosper.

Our firm provides virtual and in-person consultations. Call us at (214) 225-9138 or contact us online to get started.