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Divorcing a Narcissist

At Albin Oldner, we take pride in helping our clients find cost-effective resolutions to the issues of divorce, child custody and property division. Our Frisco divorce attorneys avoid litigation whenever possible because it is costly and can cause unnecessary damage to relationships that may need to continue for the sake of children. 

Unfortunately, there are times when divorce court is the only way to achieve the goal. That is often the case when one of the marital partners has a serious personality disorder like narcissism.

Is Your Spouse a Narcissist?

Narcissists can be charming, charismatic people. It’s no wonder you were swept off your feet. They are extroverted and confident. They have a strong sense of their own importance and they can be very successful in business. They can be generous.  

But if you’ve been living with a narcissist, you are well aware of the downside. It likely made your marriage a nightmare, and unfortunately, it’s going to make your divorce difficult, and for some people, dangerous.   

  • The narcissist is always right and more than willing to fight to prove it. 
  • He likes to play games (narcissists are twice as likely to be men). He will make an offer and then withdraw it. He will make impossible demands and if they are met, will up the ante.
  • He will lie or hide information. It can be particularly difficult to get an accurate picture of a couple’s financial situation for property division.  
  • She will make false accusations and you could find yourself facing false charges of abuse or assault. The narcissist loves attention, even the attention of the police. 
  • Appeals to fairness will fall on deaf ears. The narcissist is self-centered and must have the upper hand. He or she simply does not care what is fair for you. They lack empathy 
  • Narcissists tend to think the rules don’t apply to them. If the parenting plan calls for a 5:30 pickup, he’ll show up at 7 pm. If a restraining order has been filed against her, she will “accidentally” violate it. 
  • If a narcissist feels they have been wronged – and they often do – they can be single-minded in their desire to make the other party pay. Quite literally, that can mean driving up legal costs with delays. 

Divorcing a Narcissist is Difficult, Not Impossible

The Frisco divorce attorneys at Albin Oldner have handled many hundreds of divorce cases over the years. We’ve faced every kind of opponent in and out of court. Different cases require different strategies. If we know that your spouse has a narcissistic personality disorder, we will develop a strategy to deal with the behavior we’re likely to see during your divorce or child custody case

  • Timing will be important, both so you can get the information you need and for your physical safety. If at all possible, talk with one of our divorce attorneys before you leave your home, while you still have access to financial papers. 
  • Document, document, document … especially if there has been abuse in the household. What happened, when did it happen, and were there witnesses? This information will be important in establishing the need for protection, should it become necessary. 
  • Mediation is unlikely to be effective. We will prepare from the beginning to go to court.
  • Carefully consider your goals and values. Unless your partner wants a quick divorce so he or she can move on to their next victim, it’s likely your divorce will take some time to complete. Your spouse may try to rack up legal bills hoping to exhaust and outspend you. We know this can be a challenge. We will stay laser focused on the things of greatest value to you. 

Meet Your Divorce Lawyer That Is Experienced Dealing With Narcissists

Your Albin Oldner divorce lawyer is here to support you throughout the process of divorcing a person with a Narcissist personality disorder. We will do everything we can to help you move forward into a new, less stressful life. Schedule a time to meet by calling Albin Oldner Law, PLLC at (214) 225-9138 or contact us online.

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