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Mediators & Process

Mediation is one of many forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is a private, confidential process in which a trained neutral professional assists disputing parties in communicating, negotiating, and exploring possible solutions to their conflict. The mediator does not render any decisions, nor act as judge, arbitrator, or legal advisor. Rather, she facilitates the exchange of information and settlement alternatives between parties, promoting understanding and resolution.

Mediation is characterized by a non-threatening, cooperative climate which sets the stage for constructive communication during the mediation and in the future, causing it to be an extensively used model for conflicts involving families and other ongoing relationships. The power of mediation lies in the fact that the parties control the outcome and do so in a private setting that allows free discussion, while reducing both the emotional and economic costs to the parties and their children.

Excerpt from the State Bar of Texas, ADR Section Brochure, Dispute Resolution Texas Style, Second Edition, 1997
Albin Oldner Law, PLLC has several trained mediators who would be happy to assist you with resolving your case. For more information or to schedule a mediation, please contact our office at (214) 225-9138. You may also request a mediation by using the link to the calendars.