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Albin Oldner Law is the name you can trust when you want to start a new business in Plano, Texas. We have decades of collective business law experience and a history of working with large companies and small businesses alike. If you have a new business idea, need to expand a company you already have, want to be part of a profitable joint venture, or have any other goal in between, then you can depend on our business formation lawyers. Our legal counsel is designed to be straightforward enough to be useful while still being professional enough to be effective.

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Pragmatic Help for Business Owners

As a business owner, you know that “Yes Men” can do more harm than good. You don’t need someone who will go along with whatever you say. You need someone who will offer valuable advice and insight that you might not have seen otherwise, so your newly formed business has the best chance of growing in the right direction.

At Albin Oldner Law, we are proud of our pragmatism when it comes to all things business law-related, including business formation. With realistic expectations and deep knowledge of Texas, federal, and international business law, we are prepared to help you start your newly formed business off on the right foot.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

We can help you with every step of the business formation process, such as:

  • Selecting the right business structure.
  • Registering the business with the Texas Secretary of State.
  • Establishing terms and agreements for partners and shareholders.
  • Obtaining permits and licenses as needed.
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, Texas, and local regulations.
  • Drafting contracts for employees, vendors, clients, etc.
  • Handling any commercial real estate transactions.

We can help you with any part and process of forming a new business, but we hope that you don’t see us as just business formation lawyers. You can truly count on us for any issue that your business encounters, including initial steps to form a business, resource management, partnerships, and much more.

Types of Business Structures

Forming a business isn’t nearly as simple as deciding to start a business and opening the front door. To begin, you need to know what type of business to form and why that would be the right choice based on your company’s goals. Our Plano business formation attorneys can sit down with you to discuss important everything from tax concerns, personal liability, management structure, and expected business operations. Based on what we conclude best fits your needs, we can then decide on the right business type and talk about how to form one such business.

Four common business structure types are:

  • Corporations: Forming a corporation like a C corps, S corps, or 501(c)(3) corps can allow you to distance yourself from the company while still running it, which is important if you have concerns about liability being tied back to you. Corporations are also good choices for business ventures that begin with multiple partners.
  • Limited liability companies: Another option to shield yourself from personal liability without the need for incorporation is to form a limited liability company or LLC. Texas doesn’t allow all company types and businesses to form LLCs, though, so you should always work with a business formation lawyer upfront if you are interested in this business structure. It might be possible that LLC isn’t an option that you can choose but a professional limited liability company (PLLC) is.
  • Partnerships: A limited partnership (LP) or limited liability partnership (LLP) allows two or more business partners to start a new business together. You might prefer a partnership over another type of business structure due to its relative simplicity that allows small business owners to focus more on the business operation. Partnerships are also good choices when partners want to own a business together but allow a third party to run it.
  • Joint ventures: By pooling resources, two parties can create a joint venture business. Joint ventures are formed with a specific goal in mind, like capturing a certain part of the market or offering a new product or service model. If you’re part of a joint venture or JV, you will share responsibility for profits and losses with other partners or owners. However, the JV is its own business entity, so there can still be liability protections. If you have an established business already but are thinking of taking on a new market or growth challenge, then a JV might be the right choice.

Set Up Your Business for Success – Call Now

Albin Oldner Law and our Plano business formation attorneys offer our legal services, counsel, and guidance to business owners of all industry backgrounds. Whether you are starting your first food service business or are a commercial real estate business veteran, you can benefit from our experience and insight for new business formations. Let us help you make sense of everything and get your business moving in the right direction from the very beginning.

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