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Buy Sell Agreements or
Asset Purchase Agreements

Business Law

In the excitement of starting a new business venture, it is common for all parties to be optimistic and rosy about the future. But it is critical to be realistic, and to acknowledge that businesses often change as lives and circumstances change. Planning an exit strategy is the responsible thing to do.

The right time to talk about how best to sell your business is in its early stages. A buy-sell agreement helps all parties involved, by establishing the terms and plans for how owners, partners or investors may exit the project. By discussing these issues in the beginning, when no one is planning to leave, it allows everyone to have a clear head and to approach the discussions with good will and positive, realistic concerns.

Albin Oldner Law, PLLC has a strong corporate planning and structure team, with experience on hundreds of business formations. We bring a sophisticated business law approach to your buy-sell planning.

Because our corporate law team has seen the “worst case scenarios” play out in litigation, we have the ability to steer you toward collaborative, cooperative and professional plans that will preserve investments and relationships, and hopefully avoid ever seeing a courtroom.

For guidance on creating and executing an effective buy-sell agreement, call the law firm of Albin Oldner Law, PLLC at (214) 423-5100 to contact us online.

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