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We all know the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” referring to the idea that whatever crazy antics people get themselves into in Las Vegas will not be disclosed by others and vice versa.  It would seem many people think that this sort of “bro code” also applies to Internet activities.  This misconception about online privacy may explain the rise in the number of websites offering supposedly discreet ways for people to cheat on their spouse.   Whether in Vegas or on the Internet, it is definitely an illusion to think that anonymity exists in today’s technology-filled world.  All too frequently, people’s bad behavior comes back to haunt them. If you need a reason to keep your behavior in check, consider this week’s security breach at, a dating website geared toward individuals seeking extramarital affairs.  The perpetrators of the hack claim to be in possession of the identities and other intensely personal details of all of the website’s 37 million users and are threatening to release this information to the public if the website is not taken down.  There is also evidence that a similar website,, has been breached. This is certainly bad news for those users who thought their indiscretions would never see the light of day.

Even if you’re not surfing Ashley Madison or cultivating your profile on, there are many other ways people are tripped up by technology.  For example, if you think that merely deleting something from your phone means it is gone for good, you are wrong.  A forensic analysis of your phone can reveal almost every move you’ve made since you first purchased the phone.  It can retrieve “deleted” messages and photos, as well as often times pinpointing your exact location and the date and time when a photo was taken.  In other words, if you have something to hide, it might not be as well hidden as you think.

If you have any questions or concerns about your behavior, then it might be a good time to seek counsel from a family law attorney.

Read more about this week’s breach at Ashley Madison here.

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