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Estate Planning
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Estate Planning, Probate, & Guardianship

Customized Estate Planning Tools to Achieve Your Goals in North Texas

Everyone, no matter what their age, income, or estate, can benefit from one or more of the documents that comes with an estate plan. An Advanced Medical Directive, for example, ensures you receive the kind of medical care you want to receive, even if you cannot communicate your wishes. If you own a business, a Power of Attorney provides someone with decision-making authority should you leave the country or become incapacitated. And a business succession plan gives you an exit strategy while ensuring your business legacy continues.

For families with large estates, wealth management and asset protection planning can save you money now and at the time assets are transferred to the next generation.

Parents, you will want to name a guardian to care for your underage children in the event of your death. Young adults, as you get ready to leave home, it is important to make sure you utilize Advanced Directives that will allow your parents to communicate with health professionals, insurance companies and financial institutions on your behalf.

Seniors, you will want to ensure that your estate is inherited by the people and causes you care about most (who may or may not be the people specified by law for estates without a Will). Ensure your wishes are followed by creating a Will or a Trust.

Our Frisco Estate planning attorneys are experienced in all facets of estate planning and wealth protection. We tailor our services to meet your needs, whether you have a straightforward or complex estate.

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Crafting a Customized Texas Estate Plan

Beginning with a discussion of your goals, your family and/or business needs, and a thorough analysis of your assets, we will recommend a comprehensive solution to achieve your objectives. From there, we can proceed to draft the necessary documents.

The most basic estate plan we recommend for our clients is a Last Will and Testament with an optional contingent Trust for minor children, a statutory Durable Power of Attorney to give someone financial decision-making authority, a Medical Power of Attorney to enable someone to make medical decisions on your behalf, and a Directive to Physicians (living will) to share your medical care instructions.

For clients with financial assets at or approaching the gift tax threshold amounts, your estate planning needs will necessarily be more sophisticated and more customized. Your plan may include Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT), Credit Shelter Trusts, family limited partnerships and gifting strategies that benefit your bottom line today and your heirs tomorrow.

The estate planning process is not “done” once the documents are signed. It is important to keep your estate plan up to date as your estate, family, and the law evolve. Our attorneys assist clients with revisions to documents after life-changing events, like marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child.

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Failing to plan leaves your loved ones at risk and important issues in the hands of a judge or a court-appointed representative you do not know. Why not take a little time today to call and talk with an estate-planning attorney at Albin Oldner Law, PLLC?

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