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Making Important Changes to Custody Orders & More

Once a judge issues a decree for a divorce or family law case, it can understandably feel like the orders are set and can’t be changed. However, that’s not always the case. When life changes, it sometimes becomes necessary for court orders to keep up.

If you need to have a custody or support order changed, or any other type of family law or divorce order altered, come to Albin Oldner Law, PLLC in Plano, Texas. Our team is highly familiar with the ins and outs of Texas family laws, including how to modify or enforce them. Tell us how your life has changed, and we can see if the court orders in your life can be changed, too, so your situation is less stressful.

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What Types of Court Ruling Can Be Modified in Family Law?

Family law modifications are meant to make your life easier when the current orders are no longer tenable. This legal process can be used for a variety of different court orders, too. If a court order is making your life more difficult, and you think there could be a reasonable solution with a modification, then let us see what can be done about it.

Family court orders that can be modified include the following and more:

Grounds for Family Court Order Modifications

Family court modifications are possible in many situations, but they are often difficult to achieve. Courts and judges don’t like making changes to their orders unless absolutely necessary. Furthermore, any modification made to an order that affects a child must uphold that child’s best interests.

A family court order modification can be justified if:

The above list is in no way exhaustive of the reasons why a court might accept modifying a court order. However, no matter the reason that you want a modification, it must be necessary based on newly changed situations, and the solution must be reasonable and not counteract an involved child’s best interests.

How Often Can You Modify a Court Order?

Texas family law courts typically do not allow an order to be modified more than once a year. By restricting how often an order can be changed, the goal is to ensure that the change was necessary in the first place. Of course, there are always situations in which it makes sense to modify a court order, regardless of when it was last modified. For example, if another modification would help protect your child’s well-being, such as if their current living situation with your ex-spouse became unsafe, then the court might approve it.

Enforcement of Court Orders & Modifications

After a family court order has been modified, there is no guarantee that it will be followed by your ex-spouse or other affected family members. Albin Oldner Law, PLLC can help you with the enforcement of court orders, including those that have been newly modified. We can compel the court to take steps to enforce the modification, just as it could for original orders.

Court order modification enforcement could be necessary if your ex-spouse is:

Get Legal Help for Modifications Today

Modifying a court order is tricky by default. Make sense of it with the help of our Plano modification attorneys. It would be our pleasure to help you draft or enforce a modification or figure out how to respond to a modification if your ex-spouse petitioned for one.

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