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Frisco Civil Mediation Lawyers


Agreeable Solutions to Civil Cases & Conflicts

When you are in a civil conflict with another party, the thought of taking the matter to court can be exhausting. Not only does litigation often take far more time to complete a case, but it can also take more resources due to court and legal fees. To see if there is a simpler way to reach a fair conclusion, talk to Albin Oldner Law, PLLC and our Frisco civil mediation attorneys. We might be able to negotiate a settlement through civil mediation, even if litigation has already begun in the case.

Call (214) 423-5100 to learn about civil mediation during an initial consultation.

What is Civil Mediation?

Civil mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process specifically for cases that would go to civil court if they advanced to the trial stage. For civil mediation to work, both parties at least need to attempt to be cooperative and find a fair middle ground. Otherwise, the civil mediation attempts could fail, and the case will end up in court anyway. If a case can be solved with civil mediation and no need for a trial, then most of its details will remain confidential because matters discussed during a civil mediation session are not made into public records.

During civil mediation, our Frisco civil mediation lawyer will talk to both parties separately to figure out their main concerns and wants from the process. Next, we will meet with both sides in a private office to try to resolve the dispute amicably. If the process is successful, then we will draft a settlement contract that we then bring before a judge for the court’s approval.

Civil Mediation Cases We Can Handle

Civil mediation can be used for virtually any claim or lawsuit that would go to civil court. Such cases usually involve a dispute over financial losses and related damages, which are seen most in a personal injury case. However, many non-personal injury cases can benefit from civil mediation, too.

Talk to us about civil mediation if you have a case involving:

How Do I Know If Civil Mediation is Right for Me?

Through civil mediation, you can save money, time, and energy that you would otherwise spend to get through litigation. In this way, civil mediation is a good choice for most people with a civil claim. The court might even require you to enter civil mediation attempts first before it will officially hear your case before a judge or jury. Courts use this requirement to try to keep their schedule open for only cases that absolutely need the court’s intervention.

Is civil mediation right for you, though? The simplest way to explore the answer is to call (214) 423-5100 and connect with our Frisco civil mediation attorneys.

We would be happy to review the circumstances of your case and help you decide to pursue mediation, prepare for litigation, or both.

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