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High Asset Divorce

Frisco Divorce Attorney

“One of the many strengths of Albin Oldner Law, PLLC is the services they provide as a one-stop-shop for various legal needs that invariably arise.”
- Betsy Wilson

Frisco High-Asset Divorce Attorney

A Team of Legal Experts for Your High-Asset Divorce

Does your divorce involve significant and complex assets? If so, then it’s imperative to include experts on the legal team. We represent business owners, executives, and families with significant wealth. Our Frisco family lawyers work with a team of tax and financial experts to ensure we precisely accomplish your property division.

Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss how we can tailor our services to protect your interests and navigate the complexities of your high-asset divorce.

What’s considered a high-asset divorce in Frisco?

There isn’t a universally accepted definition for high-net-worth or high-asset divorces. Typically, this term is used to describe a marriage dissolution involving a diverse array of assets, including but not limited to:

Divorces involving these types of assets are labeled as “high asset” or “high net worth,” presenting unique challenges for the parties involved.

Not every Frisco family attorney has the expertise required to guide clients through these complex issues effectively. If you are considering a divorce, it’s wise to start collecting documents related to the abovementioned assets. This preparation can streamline the discovery phase, reduce costs, and equip your lawyer with the necessary information to proceed efficiently.

We offer privacy and discretion.

Our high-asset clientele value their privacy. At Albin Oldner, we assure you that we make every effort to keep information about your divorce from the public view. One option for maintaining the confidentiality of your settlement agreement is divorce mediation. The results of mediation are not a matter of public record.

Mediation can work well even in high-asset divorce cases. Various financial professionals will finish most of the work in advance. This means you will have all the information at your fingertips during the mediation session. Clients often arrive at satisfactory property settlement agreements with proper support and complete information.

How we assist in high-asset divorce

At Albin Oldner Law, our comprehensive approach combines legal prowess with financial acumen, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of representation and strategic planning. Below are just some of the areas in which we can assist you.

Let our skilled Frisco high asset divorce attorney help you split your real estate, offshore accounts, and more.

Real estate and property holdings

In high-asset divorces, real estate often represents a significant portion of the marital estate. Our team at Albin Oldner Law works closely with real estate appraisers and financial analysts to accurately value diverse property portfolios—from sprawling estates and vacation homes to investment properties.

We strategize on equitable distribution methods that align with your long-term financial goals, considering tax implications and market trends to safeguard your real estate investments.

International assets and offshore accounts

Dividing international and offshore accounts requires sophisticated legal expertise. Our Frisco divorce attorneys collaborate with international law experts and financial institutions to navigate the legalities of foreign jurisdictions, ensuring compliance and fair valuation. We understand the nuances of international finance laws, tax treaties, and privacy regulations, aiming to protect your global assets while achieving a fair settlement.

Art, antiques, and collectibles

Valuable art collections and collectibles hold monetary value and often emotional significance. At Albin Oldner Law, we engage with art historians, auction houses, and valuation experts to ascertain the true worth of these unique assets. Our approach considers future appreciation, provenance, and market demand, ensuring these treasures are handled with the sensitivity and insight they deserve.

Retirement and pension plans

Dividing retirement and pension plans requires complex calculations of separate and joint retirement assets. It may also require special document filings to avoid triggering a taxable event. Because of this, our attorneys work with professionals specializing in retirement accounts.

Debt division

Dividing substantial marital debt is as crucial as asset distribution. We meticulously assess the nature and origin of debts—business loans, mortgages, or personal liabilities—to ensure a fair division. Our strategy includes negotiating with creditors and restructuring debts when possible, aiming to protect your financial stability and credit standing post-divorce.

Trust and estate planning considerations

High-net-worth individuals often have intricate trust structures and estate plans. Our attorneys work in concert with estate planning experts to review and adjust these arrangements in light of your divorce. We focus on asset protection and minimizing the impact on future generations, ensuring your estate planning objectives continue to reflect your wishes and familial obligations.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can significantly influence the division of assets in a high-asset divorce. Our attorneys are adept at reviewing these agreements to determine their impact and challenging or defending their enforceability based on thorough legal analysis. We ensure that any preexisting agreements serve your best interests and legal rights during the divorce proceedings.

Child support and custody considerations

In high-asset families, child support and custody arrangements often involve unique considerations such as educational trusts, special needs, and lifestyle maintenance. Our child custody lawyers work compassionately to reach agreements that serve the best interests of your children, ensuring they continue to receive the support and care they deserve.

Spousal support

When clients seek to balance the division of marital property with spousal support (which partners can negotiate between themselves in divorce mediation even if a court would not order it), we bring in a tax accountant. We want to ensure the distribution is fair and that we have considered all tax consequences.

Privacy and confidentiality measures

Our clients value discretion. Beyond mediation, we explore all avenues to maintain the confidentiality of your divorce proceedings, including sealed records and private adjudication. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and securing your financial information throughout the divorce process.

Executive compensation

When one (or both) partners have a complex executive compensation package, we recommend using the help of a tax attorney or one of our qualified business attorneys to identify what is “shared” and what is separate – and the tax consequences of that. Complex compensation may include a salary and annual and long-term financial incentives, stock options, severance packages, and other perks.

Business valuation

In divorces involving ownership of a business, we will review whether there is a marital interest in the business as an asset (a prenuptial agreement could prevent the division of a business), a company agreement, or a buy-sell agreement that could affect the asset and interests of each spouse and if a business valuation will be needed to ensure each spouse receives a fair share.

Alternative dispute resolution provides a private, controlled environment for high-asset divorce.

We advocate for alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration and collaborative divorce, to settle high-asset divorce cases. These avenues offer a more private, controlled environment for negotiating complex financial settlements, often resulting in more amicable outcomes and preserving professional and personal reputations.

Meet with our high-asset divorce lawyers in Frisco, TX

Schedule a meeting with one of our high net-worth divorce lawyers in Frisco. We think you’ll enjoy the comfortable, informal atmosphere of our office. You will find our lawyers easy to talk to and ready to explain your legal rights and options.

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