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Do you want to divorce your spouse but don’t have specific grounds to file? You can still start the divorce process with the help of Albin Oldner Law, PLLC, and our no-fault divorce attorneys in Frisco. We are here to walk you through each step and act on your behalf in mediation, litigation, and any communication with your spouse and their legal counsel.

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Do I need a reason to divorce?

For the first 100 years of Texas as a state, to get a divorce granted, one of the spouses had to be at fault or responsible for the breakdown in the marriage. It wasn’t until 1969 that a non-fault ground was introduced: “insupportability.” Since then, most divorces in Texas have been granted because there is “discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.” In simpler terms, a spouse must request a divorce, and a court will divorce the parties.

Despite the addition of the no-fault ground to Texas divorce laws, the state still allows these grounds:

Is no-fault the same as uncontested?

A no-fault divorce is not the same as an uncontested divorce. In a no-fault divorce, the grounds for divorce are not trying to put specific blame on someone, but there can still be plenty of disagreements between the two spouses. In an uncontested divorce, neither spouse disagrees with the agreements outlined in the divorce petition, but there can still be specific reasons for wanting the divorce.

Alimony & custody in no-fault divorces

In a no-fault divorce, you simply state that you don’t have a specific reason to file for divorce, which doesn’t directly affect alimony, spousal support, child custody, or child support. In other words, you don’t lose support or custody rights just because you don’t list grounds for divorce.

If you do have grounds for divorce, it could affect support and custody decisions. For example, if you want to file for divorce due to cruel treatment and abuse, then the court could be hesitant to assign any child custody rights to your spouse until the matter is investigated. Be sure to speak with our attorneys to decide how to file your divorce papers, including whether it makes sense to go a no-fault route or list grounds.

Start a divorce with less stress – Call now.

Albin Oldner Law would be honored to be your first choice for legal representation for any divorce proceedings, including those involving a no-fault divorce. With us leading the way and answering all your questions, you can appreciate a divorce with less stress. We will work to keep your best interests in focus and protect them from being set aside.

Navigating financial waters in a no-fault divorce.

Embarking on a no-fault divorce means carefully untangling the financial ties that have bound you and your spouse together. In Texas, the division of assets and debts under the community property law seeks fairness and equity, which can bring anxiety and uncertainty. We’ll explain how retirement accounts, real estate, and other assets are divided, ensuring you feel informed and supported at every step.

The path forward: Process and timeline for no-fault divorce

The journey through a no-fault divorce can seem daunting with paperwork and legal processes ahead. We’re here to illuminate this path, detailing the steps from filing to finalization, including any mandatory waiting periods. We aim to make this process as transparent and manageable as possible, allowing you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Finding common ground: Mediation and collaborative law.

Mediation and collaborative law offer hope for reaching amicable settlements in a no-fault divorce. These methods emphasize cooperation over conflict, providing a space for you and your spouse to make decisions together. We’ll explore how these approaches can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes, preserving relationships and laying a foundation for positive interactions in the future.

Protecting what matters most: Impact on Children

Children remain at the heart of family matters. Texas courts prioritize their well-being, and so does Albin Oldner Law. This section delves into how custody, visitation, and support are approached in no-fault divorces, ensuring decisions serve the best interests of your children. We’re here to help you navigate these discussions with compassion and care.

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Preparing your finances for a new beginning

A no-fault divorce is not only a legal process but a financial transition. From gathering important documents to planning for your post-divorce financial landscape, we guide preparing your finances for the future. Our support aims to empower you with the knowledge to emerge from this transition on solid financial footing.

Understanding your legal rights and protections

In a no-fault divorce, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights and the protections available to you. Whether it’s safeguarding against spousal abuse or ensuring an equitable division of property, we’re here to explain your rights under Texas law. Our guidance is designed to uphold your interests and advocate for your well-being.

Dispelling myths about no-fault divorce

Misconceptions can cloud your decision-making. Whether it’s myths about asset division or spousal support, we’re here to provide clarity and truth. By dispelling these myths, we empower you with accurate information to make informed decisions about your future.

Insurance and beneficiary considerations

A no-fault divorce affects more than just marital status; it impacts insurance policies and beneficiary designations. We’ll guide you through reviewing and updating these important details, ensuring your insurance coverage and estate plans reflect your current wishes and circumstances.

Embracing life after divorce

As your no-fault divorce concludes, a new chapter of your life begins. This section supports the adjustments and considerations post-divorce, from legal name changes to legal process and financial independence. We aim to support you in navigating these changes with optimism and resilience.

At Albin Oldner Law, PLLC, our approach to guiding you through a no-fault divorce is grounded in empathy, support, and comprehensive legal expertise. We’re here to ensure you feel informed, empowered, and ready to step into the next chapter of your life with confidence.

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